About ORCiD

ORCiDĀ® (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) iDs are persistent identifiers for researchers. This author identification tool is an effort that is being supported by libraries, publishers, and funders to help connect researchers to their works. Some publishers and funders already require ORCiD iDs, and many others will soon join them.

Why ORCiD?

An ORCiD iD allows you to

  • Distinguish yourself from other authors with similar names
  • Consolidate all your works in one place
  • Provide a comprehensive work history to publishers and funders
Wolbach Library is collecting CfA ORCiDs to build a repository of CfA-affiliated research. Create and share your ORCiD profile with us in 3 easy steps:

1. Register

Signing up for an ORCiD iD is easy! Register by visiting the ORCiD website:

2. Tell us

Once you've registered for an ORCiD iD, share it with us! Just fill out the form below:

3. Link Your ORCiD


Linking your ADS User Profile to your ORCiD record will help it stay up-to-date with your publications.

Visit the ADS website to get started:

Want to enable automatic searches?

Crossref Metadata Search will monitor newly published works and notify you of potential matches.

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