Frequently Asked Questions for Admins

Administrative staff often manage information for their researchers. With that in mind, here’s what administrative staff should know about ORCiD@CfA.

Why should you care about ORCiD?

Administrative workers often handle the logistics of connecting researchers with each other. One of the primary ways we do this is by identifying a name which has the associations we are looking for, such as a body of work or institutional affiliation.

However, names can change over time, or be expressed different ways depending on the context. Henrietta Swan Leavitt could be expressed as Henrietta Leavitt or H. Leavitt or H.S.L. or languages like Mandarin Chinese or Arabic which do not use the Latin script.

These variations make it harder to figure out if a name on a website is the person you are looking for. Distinguishing one Leavitt from another requires someone, often an administrative worker, to gather and document contextual information about that person.

ORCiD iDs help save time by associating names with unique and persistent numerical identifiers.

Moreover, by making an ORCiD profile, researchers can easily maintain a comprehensive list of past works they can provide to funders, supervisors, or collaborators.

My researcher doesn’t have an ORCiD iD. What should I do?

First, tell them why it’s important: a unique identifier with a comprehensive list of works makes it easier for funders, employers, and collaborators to connect with them.

Second, direct them to our website. Consider using this email template:

Hello [Researcher’s Name],

I just learned about a convenient way for you to organize and keep track of your publications. ORCiD iDs are unique identifiers which you can use to build a profile with a comprehensive list of your research.

With an ORCiD iD, you can distinguish your work from authors with similar names when applying for grants and funding or submitting articles for publication.

The Wolbach Library has a website with instructions for signing up, as well a list of CfA ORCiDs.


[Your Name]

When should I add ORCiDs?

Add ORCiDs numbers wherever and whenever you can! Here are some ideas for incorporating ORCiDs in current workflows:

  • Journal Submissions
    Add ORCiDs when you fill out submission forms for publication. Journals like the Astrophysical Journal require ORCiD iDs.
  • Cleaning SDF
    Add ORCiDs during your regular cleanup of your division’s staff database.

I don’t know my researcher’s ORCiD iD. What should I do?

Check our list of CfA-affiliated ORCiDs. If you don’t see them there, ask the researcher themselves. Then, direct them to our submission form.

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